In a grid-connected solar PV system, solar panels are connected via a grid-inverter to your home. Solar electricity generated throughout the day is firstly used by appliances running within your home (fridge, freezer, stand-by loads, etc) and any excess electricity is fed into the grid. Any electricity required additionally to the solar generated power is supplied from the grid. This is usually the case at night time when the solar system has turned off and power is used throughout the home.

Depending on the capacity of the installed solar PV system, all or a part of your total electricity demand can be supplied. It is very important to consider your electricity consumption when you choose a solar PV system size. If you are able to minimise your electricity consumption (e.g. installing solar hot water and home insulation, turning off lights and stand-by loads when not used, using efficient appliances, etc.), you will require a smaller (less expensive) solar PV system to off-set your total electricity demand.


  • We visit every customer in person to answer all their questions and discuss every part of the solar PV installation step by step.
  • We custom design every individual solar PV system with careful consideration of location, elevation, customer preferences, available budget and possible future system expansion in mind.
  • We only use system components from reliable, industry recognised manufacturers that offer long warranties and high quality parts.



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